Rutland New Homes in Hanover County, Va
Rutland House Entrance

See why our schools make the honor roll

Top 5%

Children who live in Rutland will attend Hanover County Schools. One hundred percent of Hanover County’s schools are fully accredited according to the Virginia Standards of Learning assessments. In addition, Hanover was the first Virginia school district to receive the U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award National School Match designation (’What Parents Want’). This desirable status was also bestowed for high levels of student achievement and small class size. Please visit the Hanover County Public Schools website for any changes or updates to this information.

*Please check the Hanover County Public Schools website to ensure accuracy.

Rutland Honored Best New Community for Families by Richmond Magazine!  Read more...

Photo of children getting off the school bus at the bus stop at Rutland