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Proposed Project Overview – River Mill Townes

On July 6, 2020, HHHunt, the developer of the River Mill community, filed a zoning case requesting the rezoning of approximately 17 acres located on the old Green Top Sporting Goods property north of River Mill in Hanover County just over the Chickahominy River.  This rezoning request would permit the construction of approximately 66 townhomes on a portion of the overall site.  There will still remain commercial uses along Route 1.

A few bits of early information:

1. The homes planned for this area are 66 for sale townhomes that are proposed as a new neighborhood of River Mill.  Homeowners in this residential neighborhood will be full members of the River Mill HOA and Townes at River Mill HOA.

2. As such, River Mill and Townes at River Mill will receive capital contributions, regular assessments, special assessments (as applicable) and the River Mill HOA will have architectural control under the current Design Standards.

3. The main entrance to the community will be across Kings Acres Road and a second entrance will be at the end of Greentop Center Drive.

4. It is anticipated that the only amenity to be added to the River Mill HOA budget will be a walking trail connecting the new townhomes and the existing River Mill community.

Hanover County Planning’s website is also available at

Project overview coming soon.

Any information on upcoming meetings and the zoning case will be published on this website.

On June 18, 2020, HHHunt, the developer of the planned community of Twin Hickory, filed a zoning case requesting the rezoning of approximately 10 acres at the corner of Twin Hickory Lake Dr. and Pouncey Tract Road (the land behind the entrance sign) from the current zoning of Office (O-2C) to Residential (R-6C).

This rezoning request would change the current permitting of 95,000 square feet of office space (current zoning conceptual plans show approximately 16 office buildings) to approximately 7-1/2-acres residential, keeping the 2-1/2-acre balance O-2C to provide for one office building on the front corner.

Key highlights of HHHunt's plans for The Corner at Twin Hickory are outlined below:

Henrico County Planning’s website is also available for review at

Revised 7/10/2020


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