Sandston, Virginia

Charter Colony Testimonials

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We've met so many people out of the neighborhood that we don't ever want leave Charter County now. We do everything within the neighborhoodand our friends here.

Robert Phillips
Charter Colony Resident

There's a feeling of community that a lot of neighborhoods just don't have, and just driving around the neighborhood, you could see that sense of neighborhood was here.

Resident of Charter Colony

The pool is fantastic. They always have events, float nights and summer parties, all kinds of activities for the children, giant slides and bounce houses that everybody loves. And definitely the wine tastings and the adult-themed activities. They had a jazz night that was a huge hit in our house.

Christina Phillips
Charter Colony Resident

The neighborhood has a lot to offer. I mean, there are pools, field houses and all kinds of activities happening in thearea. Lots of cool stuff. It is just around the neighborhood.

Charter Colony Resident

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