Proposed Project Overview

HHHunt's commitment to enhancing this area continues with plans for an exciting expansion plan on the property south of the existing White Hall community.

The expansion will bring notable additions, including a sprawling 5-acre farmette that will gracefully face Route 60. This intentional positioning will maintain the rural character and appeal of the area for those who live there and for those who drive by. The plan also includes the incorporation of expansive wooded areas and an array of new homeowner amenities. It is noteworthy that this community expansion aligns with James City County's comprehensive plan as an area designated for growth.

For those interested in the geographical scope of this expansion, please refer to the "Location Map" link below.

For information about the latest developments, the "Rezoning Application" link will provide access to the most recent submission made to James City County.

We believe in the importance of growing the legacy and potential of this community and this county and invite you to join us. Because at HHHunt, it's how you live that matters.

Please note, this is a very large file and may take a few moments to download. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest in the planned White Hall community in James City, Virginia

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Because it's how you live that matters®