Winter Tips for Four Legged Friends

Winter Tips for Four Legged Friends

The temperature is falling and we’re seeing frost on our yards in the morning, which means that winter is here. The colder weather takes its toll on us, but we also need to be cognizant of how it can affect our four legged friends. Pets are an important part of families and we love seeing them in our HHHunt communities.

Here are some cold weather tips from the SPCA to help protect your pets during the winter:

  • Keep your pets indoors as much of possible and don’t let them wander in the cold weather.
  • Dogs can lose their scent in the snow, so be sure to keep them on leashes when snow is on the ground.
  • Don’t leave pets alone in a car during winter months.
  • Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep in your home. A cat or dog bed with a warm blanket or pillow is great.
  • Don’t trim your pet’s coat too short. A longer coat will help keep them warm.

If you take any holiday pet photos this year, please share them with us and we’ll post them on our site!

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