Ways To Give Your Home A Cozy Feel This Fall

Ways To Give Your Home A Cozy Feel This Fall

Ways To Give Your Home A Cozy Feel This Fall

A couple of weeks ago, we shared our thoughts on top 2021 design trends for your home this fall. Today, we want to chat about different ways you can give your home an extra cozy feel now that colder weather has arrived. Here are some are some fun, budget-friendly ways to do just that.

Switch Out Towels and Area Rugs

It isn’t reasonable to change everything in your home when the weather changes but you can switch out small accessories like towels and small area rugs. Better Homes & Gardens has some great ideas on how to do this inexpensively including taking advantage of end-of-season sales. Consider adding towels and area rugs that include warm colors like browns and oranges. You can also throw in some texture for good measure!

Add Pillowcases to Existing Pillows

There is no reason you need to go out and purchase new pillows for every new season. Consider purchasing pillowcases that can go on top of your existing pillows. Darling Down South has some great ideas on this including using patterns to soften the spaces around your house. Patterns instinctively draw your eyes making them a welcoming addition to your home décor.

Bring Out the Family Photos

Most of us have plenty of family photos around the house but Real Simple has a great recommendation to add to your collection during the cooler months. The arrival of fall signals the holidays are approaching, which are all about family and friends. Double the number of photos you have around your home to give it that warm, cozy feeling of togetherness.

Switch Out All of Your Light Bulbs

Lighting is one of the best ways to give your home a cozy feel, but did you know light can also play a role in how you feel? Posh Pennies has created a useful guide on why you should consider switching out all your light bulbs to warmer hues. The warmer the light, the more comfortable and cozy the room!

Paint Your Front Door

Believe it or not, your front door speaks volumes about how welcoming your home is. Really dark tones like blacks and browns are harsh and can turn people off. Consider painting your front door this fall to something that it is more welcoming to guests and family. HGTV recommends red because it provides a warm and cozy feeling.  

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and we love sharing new ideas with our homeowners. We hope that you enjoyed these recommendations and please be sure to share your thoughts and pictures with us on social media!