Top Summer Songs to Celebrate the Season!

The sun is out and we’re ready to listen to the summer songs that define the season! “I’ve Gotta Feeling” that’s going to be a great summer as we “Cruise” down to the beach and enjoy a “Semi-Charmed Life” while we “Party In The U.S.A.” Summer will kick into gear when “School’s Out.” The long days and warm nights mean that we’ll be “Dancing in the Streets” in Richmond and Williamsburg or heading to a “Surfin’ Safari!”

If this week’s blog post seems like a mad libs of hit summer songs, you’re on to something! Not only do all the songs referenced above make us think about Summer fun, but they’re all featured on HHHunt Communities “Summertime Fun” Spotify mix.

Check out our mix for 22 upbeat and quintessential summer songs that will get you ready for vacation and long summer nights. As we often say on the blog, it’s how you live that matters and music is a big part of everyone’s lives. It helps us express who we are and how we’re feeling. Music also connects us to friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

We hope you enjoy our Spotify channel and let us know your thoughts on Facebook. Share some of your favorite summer tunes and we’ll add them to our playlist. Don’t forget to post your ideas for other playlists too as we’ll be adding more songs and lists throughout the year. Get excited for summertime!