Top 5 Tips for Home Buyers

Top 5 Tips for Home Buyers

Home BuyersSpring is one of the most popular times of year to buy a new home. In fact, Time magazine explains that so many home searches happen in the spring that they result in 60% of moves occurring over the summer. With the spring home search season underway and likely to gain momentum in coming weeks, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to find the perfect house and community for you:

  • Research First: HouseLogic has some great advice for home buyers and that it’s good to know what you want and do your research before you start touring homes. Look online for potential homes and communities. You can check out websites like ours for helpful info on your next home and community!
  • Find the Right Neighborhood: recommends that before you get too focused on the house hunt, you should determine what locations are important to you and find the right neighborhood first. This will help keep you focused. We couldn’t agree more!
  • Get Pre-Approved: Among its 10 helpful insights, HGTV includes getting pre-approved for your mortgage. It’s a step further than getting pre-qualified and can save you lots of time after you’ve found your dream home.
  • Look at the School District: CNN Money’s list of home buying tips includes one that’s important for everyone: consider the school district. Whether or not you have school-aged children, a good school district can help with resale value.
  • Don’t Forget Custom Features: When buying a new home, you often have lots of great options to personalize the house and truly make it yours. reminds home buyers that they shouldn’t forget to ask about custom features and amenities you can add to a newly constructed home!

Remember that searching for a home also means finding the right community. Location, access to amenities, and neighborhood spirit are all important factors. That’s why our communities are so popular. We believe it’s how you live that matters! Our communities are masterfully planned to ensure quality and we create places of great distinction where special memories are made.

If you’re looking for a new home, come experience the HHHunt difference.  We invite you to visit one of our communities in Richmond, VA, Hampton Roads, VA or Raleigh, NC or start your search for the perfect fit here:


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