Tips for Staying Active in Winter

Tips for Staying Active in Winter

Staying Active in WinterWe’ve had our fair share of winter in February and even more snow could come our way this week in Virginia. Despite the slippery conditions, the winter months can bring such beautiful scenery to our picturesque communities. However, cold weather also tends to keep us indoors.  Maintaining an active lifestyle during the winter is key to staying healthy but can be tough for anyone.

We value active and healthy living because it’s how you live that matters! Staying active during the winter can be difficult, but is important. Here are some great tips to stay moving and in shape:

  • YMCA – Did you know that most HHHunt Communities are located near a YMCA? Some of our communities even have YMCA branches located within them. The YMCA is a great family friendly place to stay in shape during the colder winter months.  With everything from weight machines, exercise equipment and classes, there is something for everyone at a local YMCA.
  • Ice Skating – This is a wonderful aerobic workout for all ages, but most importantly it is FUN! Ice skating is a great way to stay active for long periods of time. Remember to stay safe on the ice too.
  • Winter Cleaning – Sometimes the weather is too nasty to go outside and if that’s the case one way to stay active is to organize and clean your home! Bending, squatting and running up and down stairs will give you a good workout. Even standing while folding and putting away laundry will burn calories. And the entire family can get involved. The added bonus of course, is one clean home!

With these tips, we hope you can find a way to remain on the go throughout the colder months. Of course, a final way to stay active is touring new homes and communities. We invite you to learn more about our communities and visit one:

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