Tips for a Special & Memorable Thanksgiving

Tips for a Special & Memorable Thanksgiving

Tips for a Special & Memorable Thanksgiving

One of the many creative centerpiece ideas from HGTV.

The holiday season has started for many and Thanksgiving is only a week away! The Thanksgiving holiday is a special time and we love getting together with family, neighbors, and friends. One of the reasons that we’re so excited about Thanksgiving is because the day is centered around the home. Whether it’s the delicious smells in the kitchen, enjoying a big meal together at the family table, or watching a parade or football game on the TV, home is where so many wonderful Thanksgiving memories are made!

We’re honored to provide dynamic master-planned communities for those homes and special occasions. As you prepare for your Thanksgiving celebration, we’ve got some helpful tips to make a truly memorable holiday:

  • Creative Centerpieces: The Thanksgiving table is always a sight to see. Why not add more festive components with beautiful centerpieces? From flower arrangements to creative ships that hold snacks to stackable pumpkins, HGTV has a great set of cool and quirky centerpieces you could make for your table this year!
  • Fun Crafts: Thanksgiving is all about family and a great way to get various family members involved in the décor is through crafts. Better Homes and Gardens has a wonderful set of crafty and DIY decorating ideas that would work for anyone. Take a look and plan cool ways to spread the Thanksgiving cheer and excitement through crafts.
  • Healthy Food Options: The holidays are filled with food and merriment, but it’s important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, even during the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a great place to start and Real Simple has awesome tips to build a healthy Thanksgiving plate.

We wish you the best as you prepare for Turkey Day and stay tuned for next week’s blog post, which will include a special Thanksgiving message.


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