Time to Act: Fall Gardening Tips

Now that fall is fully upon us, it’s a great time to protect your lawn and flowers and give them a stronger start when the warm weather returns. We’ve gathered helpful fall gardening tips from BackyardStyle.com about aerating your lawn and planting spring bulbs. First, to the lawn. Aeration is best completed in the fall (ideally in September). It’s not too late now, but aerate the lawn as soon as possible. Aerate the lawn prior to seeding. If you’re having trouble with weeds, consider a weed control agent. Here are some tips when applying a weed killer:

  • Do not apply weed controls on freshly seeded areas or on windy days.
  • Do not apply weed controls near or on the edge of waterways.
  • Do not allow kids, babies, or pets to play on lawns with freshly applied weed killers.
  • Always follow instructions on the weed control product’s label.

Fall also is a great time to plant spring flowering bulbs. Here are some tips to ensure a bright and beautiful spring garden with flowering bulbs:

  • Plant spring bulbs no later than mid-November.
  • Choose a location that has full sun.
  • Plant bulbs with the pointed end (stem) up.
  • Plant bulbs to a depth of about 3 times the height of the bulb.


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