Summer Work Out Safety Tips

Summer Work Out Safety Tips

With most gyms restricting the number of people allowed inside, and with warmer temperatures outside, some are wondering how they can keep up with their workout routine during the summer. Staying in shape takes a little extra planning to ensure a safe and effective result. That is why we have put together a list of tips for working out over the summer.

Start Early in the Day

Working out early in the day while temperatures are cooler is always a good practice. There are also many physiological benefits to working out in the morning. Strong exercise speeds up metabolism and increases blood flow which prepares you for a more productive day. If you need more motivation in the morning, consider finding a workout buddy. Having someone to talk to goes a long way when committing to an early morning routine.

Stay Hydrated

As temperatures increase, sweating increases as well. Sweating results in water loss, and replacing those lost fluids is essential. The National Institute for Fitness and Sport recommends drinking one cup of fluid every 15 minutes to stay hydrated. Be mindful of drinking too much water during exercise which could result in hyponatremia, a condition where sodium levels in the bloodstream are depleted.

Wear Light-Colored and Loose Clothing

Light-colored and loose clothing reflect sunlight and keep the body cooler during a workout. Most importantly, they help with sweat evaporation. Fabrics that breathe easily but don’t absorb moisture are best. Avoid cotton and other fabrics that retain sweat and could create a body temperature imbalance.

Mix Up Your Routine

Mixing up your workout routine is always smart. A variety of exercises allows muscles to recover and build. This is especially important during the summer. If you enjoy running one day, consider yoga or swimming the next. That variety also boosts your motivation, because it avoids boredom.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and creating healthy environments for our homeowners and residents to thrive is very important to us. We wish you all a safe and healthy summer!