Spring Gardening Tips and Ideas

Spring Gardening Tips and Ideas

GardeningAs we mentioned on the blog last week, we’re so happy that Spring is here again! It’s such a beautiful season and there are so many outdoor amenities to enjoy in our communities. We also love the Spring because we enjoy seeing all the stunning gardens, yards and landscaping at homes in our communities.

At HHHunt Communities, we want to create beautiful places where you can spend time making special memories with friends, family, and neighbors because it’s how you live that matters! This is a vision shared by many of our homeowners too. In an effort to encourage your creativity we thought it would be helpful to provide some gardening insights. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, you can find something of interest in the list below:

  • 14 Simple Gardening Tricks: HGTV has a lot of great information to make gardening simpler and more fun for everyone. These gardening tricks cover almost everything. One of our favorites is using leftover tea and coffee grounds to help nurture acid-loving plants.
  • 10 Expert Tips: Reader’s Digest pulled together its top 10 gardening tips and this list is especially helpful for beginners. Some insightful ideas include using foam peanuts to lighten large pots and spraying a Teflon lubricant to the garden shovel so soil doesn’t stick to it.
  • How To Videos: What better place to get advice than from the National Gardening Association? The group’s website is a treasure trove of gardening intel. We really liked the how to videos! The video library answers almost any question you’d have.

We hope you find these tips helpful and feel free to share photos from your garden and yard with us. Post them to our Facebook page – we’d love to see them!

If you’re looking for a new home, come experience the HHHunt difference.  We invite you to visit one of our communities in Richmond, VA, Hampton Roads, VA or Raleigh, NC or start your search for the perfect fit here: https://www.hhhuntcommunities.com/find-your-community.php.

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