Spring Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Spring Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Spring Gardening & Landscaping Tips

Spring GardeningSpring is one of our favorite seasons because we love seeing our homeowners’ beautiful gardens and lawns come back to life throughout our communities. The manicured yards and beautiful flowers add warmth and vibrancy to our communities. After a long winter, the trees and flowers in bloom also brighten our day!

We reviewed spring cleaning tips a few weeks ago and with the weather getting warmer, we thought this would be a great time to discuss some helpful hints for spring gardening and landscaping as well. Southern Living Magazine created a fantastic checklist for its readers that takes you through each important step for getting the best results.

Some of our favorites are:

  • Stir the compost: If you have a compost bin, it’s important to stir it up after the winter. This gives the pile a chance to breath and accelerates decomposition.
  • No More Frost: As soon as the frost is gone, it’s time to get to work. You’ll want to start by carefully removing the debris from the garden – leaves, sticks, etc. It’s also the time to reclaim your plot from any weeds that have attacked in the off season. Finish by applying fertilizer and do any transplanting that’s needed.
  • Do that landscaping project: Sure you may have more time during the summer, especially with the long days and vacations, but you should tackle the landscaping projects now while the weather is gorgeous! If you wait until the summer, it’s going to be hot and much easier to put off.

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Happy spring everybody!

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