Preparing Your Home For The Fall

Preparing Your Home For The Fall

Believe it or not, Fall is right around the corner. The sun is starting to set a little earlier, and colder temperatures will be here before you know it. That’s why we’ve put together some pro tips on the best ways to prepare your home for the new season.

Aeration and Over-seeding

The heat of the summer can damage new grass if it doesn’t get enough water. That’s why fall is the perfect time to aerate and over-seed. Aeration opens the soil so important nutrients and water can enter, which is vital to growing grass. Over-seeding helps to replenish existing grass for a full, lush lawn in the spring.

Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Fall is the optimal time to paint the exterior of your home. The dry days and cool evenings are a perfect mix for paint to dry correctly. Painting also provides a huge boost to a home’s value. Homeowners will immediately recognize an 80-140% return on investment when painting the exterior of their home.

Sweep the Chimney

A warm, cozy fire in the fireplace is perfect during the winter months. That is why ensuring the chimney is cleaned before winter makes sense. A dirty chimney poses heath and fire risks. Having a licensed professional clean your chimney can save heartache later.

Inspect Your Roof

With winter around the corner, you never know when a major snowfall could occur. That is why now is the time to inspect your roof. Any weakness or missing shingles could result in a leak or roof collapse. Fall is a great time for an inspection, because roofers tend to charge more in the winter months.

Now that you know these helpful tips, why not give them a try? We believe it’s how you live that matters and hope they help you get the most out of your home this fall. Have your own tips? Post them on our Facebook page!