3 Luxury Home Trends in Richmond

3 Luxury Home Trends in Richmond

We love watching HGTV to see the latest in home design trends around the country. From the incorporation of shiplap and other natural elements (thank you, Joanna Gaines) to the use of light and big, open kitchens (looking at you, Property Brothers), there are a number of trends sweeping the country. But, what’s most popular in the Richmond region? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with three luxury home trends that are defining new homes in Central Virginia and will inspire you to transform your home too!

Outdoor Living

luxury homeThis trend is perfect for the warmer weather in Spring and Summer as more and more homeowners are looking for outdoor/indoor living spaces. Stunning outdoor packages – including patios, fireplaces, bigger porches, and pools – are a big trend in Richmond, according to Jim Walker with Walker Homes. He’s seeing more requests for outdoor living spaces. This photo of one such space in the Westin Estates community is a great example.

Owners’ Baths as a Getaway

One room that has been a deal breaker for many has emerged as a “getaway room” more than any other: the owners’ bath. Not only are owners’ suites a key selling feature for new homes, but baths are becoming more extravagant and larger, stated Chuck Carlisle with LifeStyle Home Builders. A recent trend has seen less focus on statement tubs and more on huge showers with four or five different shower heads. Bathrooms can truly become spa-like sanctuaries.

Big Kitchens Rule

luxury homeLarge, open, and bright kitchens have been a major trend for a few years and aren’t going anywhere. According to Chuck Carlisle, big kitchens still rule. Homeowners want bigger kitchens with a huge island because the kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we prepare meals, socialize, and often eat together. Big kitchens are important gathering spaces and deserve extra attention.

These three designs are the biggest home trends in the Richmond region right now. We’ve even got a bonus trend for you too! Jim Walker noted that he’s seen a shift toward more modern interiors as well. Luxury buyers are moving away from the craftsman style for a home’s architecture and interiors in newly built homes now tend toward clean lines and lots of bright, open spaces.

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