Ingredients for a Fabulous Summer Cookout

Ingredients for a Fabulous Summer Cookout

Ingredients for a Fabulous Summer Cookout
Summer Cookout


One of our favorite parts of summer is the outdoor cookout! What is there not to love? Spending time with friends, family, and neighbors is always fun. So is enjoying warm weather and beautiful natural surroundings, especially when ensconced on a stunning patio or deck. Then there’s the food and drinks. From burgers to watermelon to corn on the cob and so much more… YUM!

Plus, the longer days mean that you can enjoy an outdoor BBQ well into the evening. It’s so wonderful walking through our communities and hearing the sounds of an outdoor summer cookout and even better when you can smell someone grilling food. Creating a fabulous summer cookout doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Here are some tips to make your next get together perfect:

  • Food: When it comes right down to it, summer cookouts are all about the mouth-watering food. Whether it’s from the grill, fresh veggies from the garden, or a classic summer side, you definitely want the food to shine. is here to help! The site presents 50 “bucket list worthy” recipes for summer and it’s definitely worth a read. The recipes cover a lot of great food, including barbeque, fish tacos, burgers, sides, vegetables, and much more. You’ll be inspired by something on the list!
  • Drinks: Another key ingredient to a successful cookout is a set of refreshing cocktails and mocktails. A cool drink can be the perfect touch to a wonderful evening and keep guests asking for more. lists more than 25 fresh summer cocktails and mocktails. It’s hard not to sit back and relax with a cool summer beverage in your hand. The drinks are easy to make and can be used as cocktails or mocktails, which make them a great fit for anyone. Plus, the unique summer flavors are so intriguing. How about a Cherry Smash or Cucumber-Lemonade Chiller, anyone?
  • Dessert:What makes a summer dessert perfect? Something that is light, fresh, and
    Summer Cookout

    Credit: Real Simple magazine

    delicious, of course! We love that summer treats use so much fruit. Not only is it natural, but often so colorful! Real Simple shares its 17 great summer desserts and from Blueberry Tart to Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie, we want them all! Take a look at get inspired by these delectable and perfectly summer desserts that will add a wow factor to any cookout.

  • Décor: An easy way to make any summer cookout or barbeque special is by adding some extra décor. Who doesn’t love a beautiful and whimsical deck or backyard? Leave it to Martha Stewart to share some truly inspired ideas. She offers more than 50 outdoor party ideas that will add character to your next outdoor event. Plus, many of the ideas make for great craft projects for the entire family. Among our favorite suggestions are the use of paper lanterns, stamped spoons, paper cocktail covers, leaf coasters, and a bandana table cloth!

Remember that at HHHunt Communities, it’s how you live that matters. We hope you can spend lots of time this summer enjoying delicious cookouts with friends, family, and neighbors. You should even take some pictures and share them! Feel free to post photos from your next cookout on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them!

Have fun and happy summer from all of us at HHHunt Communities!

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