How Often Should I Clean or Replace That?

How Often Should I Clean or Replace That?

How Often Should I Clean or Replace That?

CleanThe snow we had this past weekend looked so beautiful in our communities and served as a reminder that we’re very much in the middle of winter. With cold temperatures, ice, snow, and possibly more stay-at-home snow days upon us, now is a great time to inspect your household items and appliances.

Before you dive into your home maintenance checklist, you may want to ask yourself, “How often should I clean or replace this item?” Maintaining a list with a timeline will come in handy in the future.

HVAC Air Filters- Change When Dirty

The Department of Energy estimates that proper HVAC maintenance can really impact your fuel or electricity expenses. In fact, checking your system regularly can reduce your energy consumption by 15 to 25 percent. It’s recommended to check on your air filter every month. If there is a visible coating of dirt covering most of the filter, then it needs to be replaced.

Bedsheets and Pillowcases- Wash Once a Week

Your bedsheets and pillowcases rack up a large collection of sweat, body oils, and dirt over time. As a result, it’s suggested that you wash your bedsheets and pillowcases once a week to destroy bacteria. An added tip is to dry them in direct sunlight if you can, as UV light is effective in killing most bacteria. Furthermore, you can run a hot iron over pillowcases to kill any leftover bacteria.

Carpet – Vacuum Once a Week

With large boots tracking in snow and dirt this season, your carpet will be in constant contact with debris coming into your home. Vacuuming your carpet once a week will help keep your carpet nice and clean. Furthermore, giving your carpet a deep cleaning with water and shampoo once every three months will have your floor in tip top shape.

Smoke Alarm Detectors – Replace Every 10 Years

Check the manufacture date on your smoke alarm. If the date is more than 10 years old, then it may be time for a replacement. It’s also advised to install smoke detectors on every level of your home and in the kitchen.

We believe it’s how you live that matters, and It’s important to clean or replace items in your home on a regular basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your household. What are some of your cleaning tips and tricks? We’d love to hear on our Facebook page!