HHHunt Honors Dedication and Service

HHHunt Honors Dedication and Service

HHHunt 2012 Employee Award Winners

HHHunt held its Annual Kickoff and Awards Event last week to recognize the tireless dedication and service of employees from several of its divisions. The event is one way in which HHHunt says thank you to all those who help the company fulfill its mission of promoting a corporate culture of honesty, loyalty, and respect in its relationships with employees, business partners, and with the communities in which it serves. We’re so proud of the work of our fellow HHHunt team members that we wanted to celebrate the 2012 award winners here!

Employee of the Year: Jill Kreis, HHHunt Homes

Terry Linkous Pinnacle Award: Jamie Ashenburg, The Dominion Club

Employee Excellence Awards:

  • Victor Lynch, The Dominion Club
  • James “Smitty” Smithson, Hunting Hawk Golf Club
  • Amanda Jonas, HHHunt Communities
  • Kitty Silva, HHHunt Homes
  • Ryan Recchion, HHHunt Homes
  • Joey Yourkovich, HHHunt Homes
  • Barbara Dimas, BTS
  • Marc Goodman, BTS
  • Steve Brant, Accounting & Finance

Employees who have a significant length of service with HHHunt were recognized as well:


  • Sue Marye, HHHunt Communities


  • Amanda Jonas, HHHunt Communities
  • Jill Crews, HHHunt Communities
  • Fred Randall, HHHunt Homes – Richmond
  • Joe Cappellino, TDC
  • Oscar Quijano, TDC
  • TW Pulliam, TDC


  • Jill Kreis, HHHunt Homes – Richmond
  • Sharlee Crone, HHHunt Homes – Richmond
  • Nancy Kelly, HHHunt Homes – Richmond
  • Kitty Silva, HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads
  • Melanie Swift, HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads
  • Mike McLendon, HHHunt Homes – H2 & H4
  • Jamie Ashenburg, TDC
  • Judy Renaldi, TDC
  • Leslie Reed, TDC
  • Sean McLaren, TDC
  • Martin Tredway, TDC
  • Andrew Braxton, TDC
  • Will Carden, HHGC
  • Steve “Benny” Bennett, HHGC
  • Dennis Hickman, HHGC

Those in attendance at the awards ceremony include team members from HHHunt Communities, HHHunt Finance and Accounting, HHHunt Business Technology Services (BTS), HHHunt Homes Richmond, HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads, HHHunt Homes Raleigh, The Dominion Club (TDC), and Hunting Hawk Golf Club (HHGC).

Congrats again to all the winners!

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