HHHunt Communities Spring Photo Contest Winner

HHHunt Communities Spring Photo Contest Winner

Spring Photo ContestCongrats to Kathy Scarbro Rabalais, who is the big winner in our Spring Photo Contest! Check out her photo. Looks like such a fun and inviting place to spend time with friends and family.

We received a lot of great photos and it was so nice seeing the pictures of spring. We’re ready for the warmer and sunnier weather to stick around. With that in mind, we wanted to also share some great DIY projects that can turn any outdoor space into an imaginative and comfortable setting for any occasion. BuzzFeed has a great list of cheap and easy DIY projects for spring/summer. Here’s a link to the article. Some of our favorites include:

  • Using pine cones for plant bedding
  • Painted cinder blocks converted into outdoor coffee tables and flower boxes
  • Chandeliers as bird feeders
  • Glow in the dark pebbles
  • Painted pots as side tables
  • Planting mini gardens in steel pipe edging

So let’s get creative and make the most of spring and summer! At HHHunt Communities, we love to see our homeowners and their families out and about in their yards, at community playgrounds, by the pool, and just walking along the sidewalks. We hope you can enjoy the nicer weather and your time outdoors!

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