Happy Thanksgiving & Last Minute Tips

Happy Thanksgiving & Last Minute Tips

Happy Thanksgiving! HHHunt Communities is thankful for the opportunity to help create places that people proudly call home and for all the wonderful friends and neighbors who live in our communities. As you gather to share this special time with loved ones in your homes, we’ve got some last minute tips to help you prepare that perfect turkey and pull together just the right decorations.

With help from the experts at the famous Butterball Hotline, here are some tips for cooking a picture-perfect turkey:
1. Make sure to thaw the turkey completely in cold water or the refrigerator.
2. Don’t overstuff the turkey.
3. Brush the skin with cooking oil or spray before putting it in the oven.
4. When done, let the turkey stand for 15-20 minutes before carving.

The full set of turkey cooking tips is available here.

Looking for some last minute decorating inspiration? Home Made Simple has some great tips and you don’t have to look far for what you need. You can use leaves, acorns, cranberries, and other items that might already be around your house or yard to create a beautiful decor. Check out all the Thanksgiving decorating tips here.


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