Fun Home Design Ideas for Spring

In the past few weeks, we’ve covered both spring cleaning and gardening. We wanted to keep the spring theme going for a bit longer and thought it would be fun to find great home design ideas for spring. We’re always very impressed by the style of the homes — both inside and outside — in our communities. Personal touches added by homeowners help to make the communities wonderful places to live!

Spring decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens (credit: Better Homes and Gardens website).

In an effort to share some springtime enthusiasm, we turned to Better Homes and Gardens for “inspired spring decor.” Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Add bright pops of color to your living room with vases, pillows, and rugs. Consider using citrus colors to accent the room for spring.
  • To help refresh any room, add patterned wallpaper.
  • Bring spring indoors with vibrant centerpieces featuring plants and other greenery.
  • A symmetrical grouping of flower prints can bring color and life to any bare walls.

The full list is online here. We hope this helps you get inspired too! Feel free to share photos of your beautiful homes with us and we’ll post them on our Facebook page.

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