Finding the Best Planned Communities in Richmond

Finding the Best Planned Communities in Richmond

Finding the Best Planned Communities in Richmond

Finding the best master planned community in Richmond can be difficult. There are many options. That is why we’ve put together this list of tips to consider as you begin your homebuying journey:

Does the community have an HOA and what is it?

A Homeowners Association or HOA is an organization responsible for the maintenance of master planned communities, enforcing property rules and nurturing socialization among neighbors through events and activities. We take great care in every community we develop to create HOAs that provide long-term support. Genesis Community Management (“GCM”), HHHunt Communities’ in-house community management team, works with each homeowner association’s Board of Directors to maintain the association’s financial administration and records, manage contracts, supervise committees, plan lifestyle events, organize meetings and ensure covenants are observed. Through GCM, homeowners in our communities are given access to the development team long after the community is completed. It’s what makes us unique and it is part of HHHunt’s philosophy.

What type of amenities and recreational opportunities does the community have to offer?

At HHHunt Communities, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and we design all of our master planned communities with amenities perfect for every stage of life. Those amenities include clubhouses, pools, playgrounds and more! One of the things that makes HHHunt Communities different is our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles. That is why we also include a variety of passive amenities including sidewalks, biking trails, walking trails, and open play spaces. These elements help to preserve the character of the land and provide homeowners the chance to experience the natural surroundings.

What will the community look like in five, ten or even fifteen years?

HHHunt Communities was one of the first pioneers of the master-planned community concept with the development of Wellesley and eventually Wyndham. These expansive, amenity-rich communities provided homeowners with a strong social network of neighbors and a team of dedicated professionals to manage the day-to-day operations. More importantly, these communities have withstood the test of time and continue to be among the most desired locations to live in the Richmond area. We have continued that tradition with Twin Hickory, Rutland, Charter Colony and others. With each new community, we study and improve based on homeowner feedback, because we are in this for the long-term. We don’t build communities for today – we build them for a lifetime. 

We work hard to provide homeowners in our master-planned communities with amenities, social events and management to enhance their lives and invite you to explore the HHHunt Communities difference.