Festive and Fun Fall Recipes!

Festive and Fun Fall Recipes!

Fall RecipesThe trees are awash in color, the days are shorter, and there’s a crisp in the air. We love fall! It’s a great season and our communities look stunning against the backdrop of golden sunsets and vibrant autumn colors. The inviting porches and festive decorations in our communities’ homes truly make this time of year special. So do all the great seasonal ingredients. Fall is full of fabulous food and we had to share three of our favorite mouthwatering recipes:

  • Apple Cobbler: Warm apple cobbler is one of our most loved desserts and it’s a perfect dish for fall. This apple cobbler recipe from Simply Recipes is easy to make and delicious! Plus, when you bake the cobbler, the house smells incredible. To add more fun to this recipe, we take the advice of some of our homeowners who go to local apple orchards to pick the apples for their cobbler themselves. It’s a great afternoon for the entire family.
  • Pork Chops and Pear Chutney: In need of a quick dinner after work? Look no further than this Food Network recipe for pork chops and pear chutney. It only takes half an hour to make and it easy to throw together. The pork and pear go great together and whenever we eat this, we can’t help but think of fall.
  • Pumpkins Galore: Of course, no discussion of fall foods would be complete without mentioning pumpkins. The fall staple is so diverse and makes appearances in everything from pumpkin pie to pumpkin soup and more! Martha Stewart has you covered when it comes to pumpkins and she offers 25 pumpkin recipes that are all phenomenal. Whether you’re looking for pies, soup, cookies, muffins, stuffed pumpkins, or anything else, these recipes offer lots of great ideas.

Give these try and you won’t be disappointed. Now that we shared our favorite recipes, let us know what you like to cook during fall. Comment on this blog post or share your go-to fall recipe on our Facebook page. There is not much better than sharing delicious food with family and neighbors!

Bon Appetit!

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