55+ Living Trends in Richmond and Williamsburg

55+ Living Trends in Richmond and Williamsburg

55+ living trendsThe Baby Boom generation has rewritten the rules throughout their lives. Now these Boomers are redefining what retirement looks like too. Gone are the staid retirement communities where residents fill their days with games of bridge and bingo. Retirement is about new chapters, active lifestyles, and living to the fullest. Boomers represent a massive market and have spurred a new industry focused on 55+ living trends.

So, what exactly do Boomers want in their homes and communities? It’s an important question because a recent survey from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate found that 57 percent of Boomers plan to leave their current homes when they retire. Individuals in the 55+ market are looking for more open space in their homes and ways to incorporate outdoor living into their lifestyle, according to Jonathan Ridout, director of development for HHHunt Communities.

Jonathan shared his thoughts on 55+ living trends in this month’s edition of Virginia Business magazine. Aside from open space and more outdoor living, Jonathan notes that a big trend is flexibility in floor plans. For example, Boomers might want a home office during the week that can be used as a bedroom on the weekend. Space to entertain family is important as well.

55+ living trendsAnother 55+ living trend in Richmond and Williamsburg is Boomers looking for a new home to live in throughout retirement as many plan to stay close to their current home. The likelihood that so many Boomers will retire close to their current home explains why HHHunt Communities is working on new 55+ communities that boast an impressive set of amenities and homes tailored specifically for the 55+ market.

We believe it’s how you live that matters and are committed to building places of great distinction, including lifestyle-centered developments where residents can enjoy their retirement in a community that is designed for their needs. In fact, HHHunt announced plans earlier this year for 55+ lifestyle community of more than 500 homes in Goochland County, which would be one of the first developments of its kind in the Richmond region. Stay updated on plans for this proposed community and other 55+ living trends by following us on Facebook!