5 Tips for a Safe Halloween

5 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will soon be sharing the streets with superheroes and princesses. Halloween is almost here! It’s one of our favorite holidays and we can’t wait for the spookiest night of the year next week.

We believe it’s how you live that matters and creating lasting memories by trick-or-treating in your neighborhood is what makes Halloween so great! Although All Hallows Eve is a wonderful time to spend with friends and neighbors, it’s important to stay safe and vigilant no matter where you are.

Here are the top five tips you need to keep in mind:

  • halloweenKids’ costumes should be creative but safe. Ensure that their costumes are easy to move in and don’t impair their vision. Also, be cognizant of the weather, including temperature and/or rain.
  • Walk carefully. This seems like common sense, but there are still too many accidents on Halloween night. Make sure you and/or kids are only walking on sidewalks and cross at a crosswalk. Trick or treat in well-lit areas too.
  • Check the candy. It’s still wise for parents to inspect all candy and other treats brought home. If any wrappers are torn or anything looks suspicious, toss it. Plus, you can always sneak a piece or two for yourself!
  • Plan ahead. It’s always good to be prepared and that’s true with Halloween too! Plan your children’s trick-or-treat route with them in advance so everyone is prepared and knows where to be.
  • Driver safety matters too. If you’re planning to drive on Halloween, be extra vigilant. It can be difficult to spot kids in costumes, especially at night and in areas without streetlights. Minimize distractions in your car and take extra time at intersections and in driveways.

These tips will help you and your family enjoy this Halloween! For more advice and resources, check out Safe Kids Worldwide’s Halloween Safety Tips and Reader’s Digest’s great Trick-or-Treat safety article.

Finally, don’t forget to share your trick-or-treat photos with us on our Facebook page! We love Halloween and can’t wait to see how everyone celebrates.