5 Spring Herbs to Try in Your Cooking

5 Spring Herbs to Try in Your Cooking

5 Spring Herbs to Try in Your Cooking

With Spring’ warmer temperatures, why not try a fresh take on your favorite recipe using spring herbs? Check out our list of spring herbs that are tasty additions in your home-cooked meals:

Dill: Dill comes to life in spring and early summer. Not only does a little bit of dill go a long way, but it can also last for quite a while if stored properly. Spruce Eats has some tasty recipe recommendations using dill such as ranch dressing, salad, and pesto.

Mint: As the weather grows warmer, you might be seeking cool and refreshing flavors in your meals. That’s where mint comes in! According to Taste of Home, mint can be used for dinner recipes just as easily as dessert.  It’s also great for beverages!

Tarragon: If you love French cooking, tarragon is the herb for you! Used frequently in herbal medicines and essential oils, tarragon adds wonderful flavor to sauces and vinegars. Learn about the history and uses of tarragon on Food and Travel.

Parsley: From soups to tasty fish courses, parsley can be used for so much! While it’s often used as a garnish, Fix Me a Little Lunch recommends using parsley on cauliflower steaks. Talk about yum!

Chives: If you’re searching for a super versatile herb to use in a variety of recipes, look no further than chives. Their mild and fresh taste make chives a great addition to butter, crab cakes, potatoes and more. Taste of Home has tons of fresh chive recipes for you to try!

We believe it’s how you live that matters and love to share new ideas for you to try when cooking for yourself, friends and loved ones this spring. We hope you try these refreshing and tasty herbs in your next meal. Need more ideas for using spring herbs? Check out our Pinterest page!