5 Post-Holiday Organization Tips

5 Post-Holiday Organization Tips

‘Twas the week after the holidays where all through the house, no one had cleaned up, not even one bit. The stockings were no longer hung on the chimney with care and the wrapping paper and decorations were everywhere! No need to stress, because we have five post-holiday organization tips for storing your holiday décor in style:

Make Room: Start off your organization spree by cleaning out your closets, cabinets, and other storage spaces. A lot of things have sentimental value and may be difficult to get rid of so you may have to make some hard decisions. Start by throwing away anything that’s broken then move onto items you haven’t used in at least a year. You can also use vacuum seal storage bags to cut down on how much space clothing, linens, and bedding take up.

Ornament Storage: Holiday ornaments are beautiful and often fragile. To keep them safe until next year’s holiday season, consider purchasing plastic bins made for ornament storage. Martha Stewart also recommends creating your own with just a few materials such as egg cartons and paper drinking cups.

Holiday String Lights: The lights have been taken down from the roof and the tree. Now what? To avoid the headache of untangling string lights next year for hours, HGTV says to consider using cardboard boxes or wrapping paper tubes. Cut slits into the edges of the cardboard and thread the lights into each slit as you wrap them around the cardboard. Also, discard any lights that don’t work!

Wrap It Up: The stress of gift giving is over, but now you’re stressed what to do with all the wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift bags. Storing these items can be tricky because they’re so fragile. Not to worry! Good Housekeeping recommends using a garment bag for wrapping paper, repurposing mason jars, and more.

Repurposed Storage: What do you do with all the little trinkets, toys, and gadgets that served as stocking stuffers?  Store them in a pocketed quilt! Martha Stewart recommends making a pocketed quilt out of old shirts. This is two organization hacks in one!

We believe it’s how you live that matters and hope that by using these organization tips you can continue to make the most of the season with friends and neighbors. Do you have your own great organization tips? Share them with us on our Facebook page!