5 Hot Summer Design Trends

5 Hot Summer Design Trends

Summer has begun! Are you ready? With Memorial Day Weekend now fading into our memories, it’s time to get ready for summer. This season always seems to sneak up on us and if you’re like us, you’re still trying to prepare for all the cookouts, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with this year’s top summer design trends!

These trends will get your home, both indoor and outdoor, ready for summer. After all, we believe it’s how you live that matters. Making memories with loved ones during the summer months is so special! Here are the top five summer design trends that will help you enjoy this season to its fullest:

Bright Colors: Summer is the season to be big, bright, and bold! Adding bright colors in unexpected ways throughout your home is the perfect way to add that summer feeling. Not sure which colors will work best. That’s ok because HGTV.com has you covered with the top 21 summer colors. The site also provides insights on where to use the colors. We’re partial to exotic orange!

summer design trendsBig Patios: The warm weather and longer nights mean more time spent with friends, family, and neighbors outdoors. Large patios are back as more and more homeowners want spaces that can serve multiple functions. From grilling stations to fire pits to lounge areas, today’s patios are more versatile than ever! Country Living magazine has the top patio design trends to get you ready for summer, including cool coastal colors and mosaic tables.

Outdoor Amenities: Speaking of spending more time outdoors, we’re seeing outdoor amenities as one of the top demands from home buyers. They want walking trails, outdoor pavilions, and open green space to enjoy with neighbors. One example is our Providence community in Hanover County, VA. Among the most popular features are walking trails that immerse you in natural surroundings.

Garden Inspiration: Summer is all about spending more time outdoors and that means tending to your backyard and garden. Garden Design magazine has some great tips for what’s hot in gardening this year. We love the return to natural materials as both focal points and accents in a garden.

Bring Greenery Inside: The 2017 Pantone color of the year is Greenery and there’s no better time than summer to incorporate this cool and natural hue throughout your home. From wallpaper that features large palms to green accent pillows, there’s so much versatility! You can even consider bringing some real greenery indoors with fresh flowers or succulents. They’ll brighten up any home while adding a fresh and summery appeal.

What’s your favorite summer design trend? Let us know by sharing a photo with us on Facebook. We can’t wait to see and hope that you have a great summer!