3 Tips for Staying Active in the Winter Cold

3 Tips for Staying Active in the Winter Cold

At HHHunt Communities, we love spending time outdoors even during the winter months. When the winter temperatures drop lower and lower, it can be difficult to enjoy recreational activities outside. We believe it’s how you live that matters and want to help you make the most of staying active in the winter cold with these three tips.

Layer Up: If you’re spending time outdoors in low temperatures, it’s important to wear layers. Wearing layers not only helps trap body heat, it also provides insulation against rain, snow, and wind. Start by layering with a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps away sweat. Then, add a warm layer of fleece followed by a thin waterproof layer.

Stay Hydrated: Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you should forget about staying hydrated! You lose electrolytes and salt while being active no matter the season. We recommend drinking one to two glasses of water before and after your activity to avoid fatigue and keep your muscles from getting sore.

Be Safe: There are a lot of safety factors to consider when spending time outdoors in the winter. Wet leaves, snow, and rain can create slick conditions that require shoes with proper, heavy traction. Daylight is limited during the winter and if you’re exercising in the dark, make sure you’re visible by wearing reflective clothing or a headlamp.

We hope our community homeowners use these tips when enjoying the season and making the most of outdoor activities in their communities such as walking and jogging, sledding, bike riding, and more! Let us know how you’ve been spending winter in your community on our Facebook page. You can also discover the many incredible amenities that can be enjoyed during the winter in all of our communities on our website. Stay warm!