Tailgate Like a Champ with These Top Tailgating Songs!

Tailgate Like a Champ with These Top Tailgating Songs!

Next Mix Gets You Pumped and Ready for the Big Game

The crisp air is starting to return, summer practices are over and we’re ready for some fall sports! From football to soccer and everything else, we’ve got a new mix that is going to make your weekend tailgating rock! It’s almost “September,” which means a new season for everyone so regardless if your team’s anthem is “We are the Champions” or you’re “Livin’ on a Prayer,” getting ready for the big game with delicious food and cool beverages is just as much fun. Whether you’re at “My House” or the stadium, everyone is a “Fortunate Son” when surrounded by friends, neighbors and family.

That’s right… the next HHHunt Communities Spotify mix is here! We’re celebrating the fall with an awesome array of songs to set the perfect soundtrack for your tailgate. Check out our “Tailgating Time” Spotify mix and enjoy the tunes all season long!

As we often say on the blog, it’s how you live that matters and music is a big part of everyone’s lives. It helps us express who we are and how we’re feeling. Music also connects us to friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Plus, it’s a great way to get pumped up to cheer for your team!

We hope you enjoy our Spotify channel and let us know your thoughts on Facebook. Share some of your favorite tailgating tunes and we’ll add them to our playlist.