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Attention to detail. Outstanding amenities. Superb locations. Innovative land planning. Exceptional designs. Excellent business and community partnerships. These are the trademarks of HHHunt Communities and all contribute to our ability to create the highest quality lifestyle. For over four decades we have enriched the communities in which we locate and created quality places where people want to live, work and play. Because we don't just build places to live, we build a better way of life.

A great home is just the beginning...
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Why choose an HHHunt community?

Your surroundings influence your activities and quality of life.

As a homebuyer, you probably ask yourself several basic questions:

Where is the home located?

Is the home in a good community?

What school district is the home in?

What amenities does the community offer?

What recreational opportunities does the community offer?

What will the community look like in 5, 10 or even 15 years?

That's why HHHunt Communities develops in the best locations where children attend the top area schools, where spaces are designed for gathering, where planned activities unite neighbors and friends, where sidewalks are integrated to encourage health and well-being, where amenities are thoughtfully created.

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Our Vision - to improve the world and how people live by creating meaningful experiences and places of great distinction.

HHHunt Communities Homeowner Testimonials

HHHunt Communities Home Owner Testimonials - "many friends and a great atmosphere to raise our 3 children."
HHHunt Communities Home Owner Testimonials
HHHunt Communities Home Owner Testimonials
HHHunt Communities Home Owner Testimonials - "location and convenience"

HHHunt Communities Testimonials

After considering communities from Henrico to other communities in Chesterfield, we chose Charter Colony for our home and it was the best decision we could make. Over the years, I have seen the communitiy continue to grow and be rated as one of the top communities, one in which I am proud to say I was a part. The community provided us many friends and a great atmosphere to raise our 3 children. 
 - Jeff Pitrak,  The Villages of Charter Colony

We’ve been in Charter Colony for 5 years. One of the things that attracted us was the welcoming neighbors. We’ve met so many people in the neighborhood and we do so much in the community, we never leave. There’s always something going on from float night at the pool to jazz night at the pavilion. There’s a feeling of community that other neighborhoods don't have. Just driving around the community you can see that that sense of community is here.
 - Robert and Christina Phillips,  The Villages of Charter Colony

We love Rutland. The community has so much to offer, from the incredible neighbors, amazing amenities and sense of community spirit. There's activities for everyone, plus easy access to the grocery store, the gym, restaurants and more. It's not just a home, it's living outside of that in a great community like Rutland.
  - The Harnden Family,  Rutland

We absolutely love our HHHunt community and cannot imagine living anywhere else.   The location and convenience of having everything right here is great for our busy schedules. Our family really enjoys the amenities and planned community events. We have met neighbors who will now be lifelong friends. 
  - The Tribbey Family,  Rutland